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Nulles: Tuscany in the Alt Camp

Be sure not to miss: the most emblematic cooperative winery in the Alt Camp, the work of Cèsar Martinell. Come in and try their cavas and wines before buying. Stroll to the Iberian farm of Rabassats and the beautiful towns of Casafort and Bellavista, the “Tuscany of Alt Camp”. The parish church of Sant Joan Baptista and the village bakery are also worth a visit.

Nulles is essentially a wine-growing municipality, but above all it is innovative. It has a Cooperative, the Nulles Winery, designed by Cèsar Martinell, which is known as “the Cathedral of wine”. Visit its interior and climb up and touch the ceiling to see up close the Gaudinian tubs and arches the Valles architect used. You can also try the magnificent cavas and wines they produce.

We also recommend taking a trip by car or horseback through the vineyards to enjoy the area, known as Tuscany in Alt Camp for the uniqueness and beauty of the landscape.

The town's bakery is famous for cocas and for constantly innovating its products: they make tomato bread and calçot croissants, among other specialities.

The parish church, dedicated to san Juan Bautista, was built in the 16th century, but was rebuilt in the 18th century, at a time of great prosperity thanks to the cultivation of the vineyard. It has a curious octagonal tower bell tower decorated with varnished ceramic.

Take a comforting walk to the recently discovered Iberian farm of Rabassats and then to the town of Casafort. There are some beautiful houses dedicated to rural tourism and one of the few restaurants with the 'Slowfood' distinction. And don't miss Bellavista, a town proud of its name, where you’ll want to stay and live.

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