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El Rourell: Refuge of the Templars

Be sure not to miss: the Marquess de Vallgornera Castle or house, an imposing stately home; the parish church of Sant Pere, built in the 17th century in honour of the patron saint of the town; and the Medieval Fair in May.

El Rourell is the smallest municipality in the Alt Camp region and is surrounded by carob trees, vines and olive trees. The name comes from roble (the word for ‘oak’), a tree you will see on the town's coat of arms. It was originally part of the Codony municipality. In the 12th century, El Rourell was the seat of a Templar subcommand that depended on the Conca de Barberà command, which had another subcommand in Vallfogona. In the second half of the 12th century, that of l'Espluga de Francolí was added. It must be assumed that a castle, of greater or lesser importance, and a church existed at that time.

El Rourell Castle, home of the Marquis of Vallgornera, is a well-preserved stately home thought to originate from the 12th century. It was rebuilt in the 17th century and again in the 19th century, when it was renovated and received its current appearance. Of particular
interest are the coronella windows (tall, narrow windows with a small column in the centre between two arches) and the voussoir door. Inside, the entrance, stables and courtyard display a noble origin. It is privately owned, but can be visited by booking beforehand.

The parish church of Sant Pere, from the 17th century, in honour of the patron saint of the town, is said to have been built over an earlier one from the 12th century.

Every 10 years, in October, the municipality celebrates the Feast of the Sacred Heart. The streets and squares are decorated and the event gathers visitors from all over. The last was held in 2016.

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