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Mont-ral: The roof of Alt Camp (The Prades Mountains in Alt Camp)

Be sure not to miss: the Romanesque Sant Pere church in Mont-ral and Sant Andreu in Farena, with the paintings of Anton Català Gomis. Mont-ral is an ideal municipality for hiking, with 2 trips being obligatory: the Punta de la Barrina, which is the highest point of Alt Camp at 1,010 m; and el Toll de l’Olla in Farena, on the Brugent river. It is customary to buy bread and muffins at the Mont-ral bakery.

Mont-ral is located in the westernmost part of the Alt Camp region. The population is spread over 4 main urban areas - Mont-ral, Farena, l'Aixàviga and Bosquet - and 2 areas of scattered farmhouses: Cabrera and La Cadeneta.

In Mont-ral, the sober and original Romanesque church of Sant Pere Ad Víncula stands out on the top of a hill, with a bell tower you can climb: enjoy the landscape and silence there. Contemplate it for a long time then keep the moment for ever by taking a photo on your mobile; you’ll feel a sense of inner peace and tranquillity.

In Farena, Sant Andreu church is Romanesque in style and at the highest point in Farena. Inside you can enjoy the mural decoration that the Alcover painter, Anton Català Gomis, did in 1946. You can go fishing in the Brugent and Glorieta river valleys and the area has several hunting societies. In the mountains, go climbing and caving. Another very important activity is hiking, as the municipality is full of paths for this. In the Glorieta and Brugent valleys, you’ll find many paths marked with PR, GR, some local marks and vertical signs. This activity can be practised all the year round.

Many visitors take advantage of going shopping at the Mont-ral bakery, where they sell spectacular sponge cakes, made 888 m above sea level. Then there are other establishments
that provide essential services to visitors, such as restaurants, shelters, honey producers and hotel and rural tourism accommodation.

The trip to Punta de la Barrina (1,010 m) is spectacular. From the village of Bosquet, take a path that takes you to Foradada; from there you can go to the Cueva de la Moneda, on the slope of the Brugent. Then, following the Glorieta slope and the Motllats cliffs, you reach Punta de la Barrina. It’s well worth choosing a good day to enjoy the views of the Camp de Tarragona, the Sea and Montserrat, etc.

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