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Bràfim: Wine and cherries in the centre of Alt Camp

Be sure not to miss Sant Jaume church, which contains some unique baroque works of art in the region; the Santuario de Loreto and the Josep M. Jujol fountain; as well as the traditional bread and sausages, wines and vermouths. In the spring, the sight of cherry blossoms is fascinating.

Bràfim is an agricultural town related to the world of wine and, currently, to cherries. The importance of wine growing led to Bràfim building the parish church of Sant Jaume in the 17th century, with at least 3 spectacular attractions: the bed of the Virgen María de Agosto, built in 1715 by the well-known Baroque sculptor, Isidre Espinal, from Sarral; the baroque organ from 1730, unique in the region, although it now needs a good restoration; and the majestic 18th century main altarpiece, built by an unknown artist, but known to have been gilded by the Valls artisan, Joan Guasch between 1794 and 1797.

The architect Cèsar Martinell designed the Town Hall building and provided it with a remarkable façade in the Noucentisme style. We recommend you walk through the town and visit Cal Garriga.

You can go for a walk to the top of Puig-rodó, next to the town, where you’ll find the 19th century Sanctuary de Loreto in the middle of a natural landscaped environment, notable for the fountain designed by the sculptor, Josep M. Jujol. Inside the sanctuary, the image of the Virgin Mary of Loreto is preserved in her shrine. At the beginning of June, one of the oldest pilgrimages in the region and the Cherry Fair are held in Loreto.

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