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Alt Camp

Welcome to Alt Camp! How lucky you are to be here!

Alt Camp is the leading region in Catalunya, also in alphabetical order; you can be sure of that. There is no other region with the attractions ours has. Welcome to our home, wherever you come from. What you’re about to find out, you’ll never forget. Let's go for it!

A region is good if the sea is nearby (in Alt Camp there are carob trees, which have to be next to the sea to bear fruit, they say), where the mountain stops the north wind and an extensive, fertile plain is supplied by two rivers. If you add an active and living capital to all of this, not particularly large; 23 municipalities, a decentralised municipal entity and other, largely agricultural towns; no overcrowding whatsoever; a Cistercian monastery; and a landscape baptised by the poet who longed for it, the Catalan Tuscany; here is Alt Camp. There’s no other place like it.

Be sure not to miss the monastery at Santes Creus, the jewel in the Cistercian crown; the Arciprestal de Sant Joan church, a Gothic place of worship that houses an interesting collection of Baroque sculpture; the Romanesque church of Sant Ramon del Pla de Santa Maria, the most beautiful in the region; the Montserrat Sanctuary in Montferri, a distinguished work by the architect Josep M. Jujol; the Chapel of the Roser in Valls, with the tile ceilings commemorating the Battle of Lepanto, unique in the world; the Roser de Vallmoll hermitage, another work by Jujol, with an almost unknown Renaissance altarpiece; the church of Sant Jaume de Bràfim, with a baroque organ and an altarpiece; the Nulles Wine Cathedral, the magnificent winery of the architect Cèsar Martinell, the most beautiful of all; the Vila-rodona Columbarium, a Roman funerary monument, unique in the world; and the hermitage of Remei de Alcover, the gateway to the capricious nature that surrounds the Glorieta river.

Is that enough or do you want more? Well, this is the area of the human towers or castells, the cradle of the Xiquets de Valls, the centre of the castell world; the land of origin of the calçotada; containing the streets where Narcís Oller, Jaume Mercadé, Carles Cardó, Robert Gerhard, Cèsar Martinell were born.

Make a night of it, stroll through its streets, buy something from the shops - some of which are unique in the country - and enjoy our restaurants, the best of the best.

You see? You’re in the leading region of Catalunya ... or perhaps the world.

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