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La Masó: The orchard of Alt Camp

Be sure not to miss: the old Molí de la Selva which belonged to the Templars and the curious bell tower separated from Santa Magdalena parish church. Stay overnight: you can eat very well in La Masó.

La Masó is an agricultural town depending on the hazelnut crop. You can visit the old Molí de la Selva, which belonged to the Templars and which still preserves the old medieval cellars in good condition.

One of the most outstanding buildings in the municipality is Santa Magdalena, the only church in the region with a Byzantine dome, and the bell tower, separated from the church, in a neo-romantic, late 19th century style.

We also recommend you visit Cal Benet, the oldest house in the town, notable for its door arcade. The Masó public schools were the first to be built by the Catalunya Mancomunidad or regional association 100 years ago.

In addition to hazelnuts, thousands of calçots are cultivated in Masó, since it is one of the main producing towns of the PGI Calçot de Valls.

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