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Alió: The Alt Camp plain

Be sure not to miss: the parish church of Sant Bartomeu, Calle de la Muralla and the medieval town centre, the traditional cocas (pastries) from the town's bakery and the cooperative winery, by Claudi Duran y Ventosa. In the spring, the flowering almond trees are spectacular and air sports fans have the opportunity to enjoy themselves at the airfield in the municipality.

Alió is a municipality of dry land. In the spring, the flowery almond fields surrounding it are spectacular. The parish church Sant Bartomeu, declared a Cultural Asset of Local Interest (BCIL), is in the square of the same name. The construction was motivated by the demographic and economic growth at that time in the 18th century; the lintel of the access door has an inscription from 1767. During the 19th century, the area became an important wine centre, leading to the creation of several breweries of aguardiente (strong alcoholic drinks).

The main streets in the town are the Calle Mayor and Calle de la Muralla, while the medieval town, with remains of the old town walls, have been declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest (BCIN).

The Cooperativa Agrícola (founded in 1909) built the winery designed by the architect Claudi Duran i Ventosa in 1911, which was expanded in 1917 by the Valls architect Cèsar Martinell. Alió is a good place to stop and buy cocas from the bakery and nuts from the region.

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