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Els Garidells: The width of the Camp

Be sure not to miss: the feudal Castle, built on a 132-metre hill, and the laundry rooms, right at the entrance to the town, with an area where you can eat and rest. Be sure to go to the bakery to buy cocas; the marinated and the chocolate ones are spectacular.

Agriculture and poultry farming coexist in Els Garidells. Notable among the crops are the vines, almond trees, olive trees, hazelnut trees and the carob trees, which, it is said, can only live by the sea. We recommend a walk around the area to fully enjoy it.

The entire lower floor remains from the old Castle, with the walls having a maximum height of 7-8 m above the rubble. The Town Council acquired it to consolidate it and recover part of its heritage. From the 132 m hill, you have a beautiful panoramic view of the village and surroundings.

The parish church is small and dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Sant Jaume. At the entrance to the town are the old municipal laundries, recently restored; we recommend you stop and sit at one of the tables. The village has a privileged location: it is close to Valls, but also to Tarragona and Camp station, from where high-speed trains run.

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