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Alcover: The old lady

Be sure not to miss: the old town of Alcover; the hermitage of Remei; the Glorieta path and the beautiful views it offers; Alcover Museum, with Triassic fossils that explain what the Prades Mountains were like 240 million years ago; Can Cosme; the Convent of the Arts, unique in our territory, and the excellent, top quality local products available from the municipality.

Alcover is notable for its old town, a paleontological heritage of the first order and for its connection with banditry. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was the epicentre of the fights among bandits in these regions. For this reason, Alcover holds the Bandoleros Fair during the second weekend of October every year. Alcover’s natural setting is unique: if you go into the Glorieta valley, you find the hermitage of Remei and the Mas de Forès a little further on. From there you can take a good trip (if you’re well equipped) to the Niu de l'Àliga, one of the most beautiful corners of the Prades Mountains, where you’ll find the Glorieta river and its well-known waterfall.

Alcover Museum, unique in the world for its Triassic fossils, houses an exhibition that explains what the Prades Mountains were like and the surroundings of Alcover and Mont-ral 240 million years ago, by following the fossil remains of the marine animals found. There are also specialist activities for families and schools. The Museum has several rooms in Can Batistó, a magnificent stately home. The most intimate rooms in the house —which still retain their original appearance— are an ideal setting to recount the memoirs of a bourgeois family from the beginning of the 20th century from a feminine perspective, as well as the history of the building and those who lived in it.

In the unique and original Casa Museo de la Miel, you can buy craft products such as mead (beer made with honey).

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