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Aiguamúrcia - The largest municipality in Alt Camp

Be sure not to miss: the Monastery of Santes Creus, the old bookshop behind the Monastery, the two wineries by the architect Cèsar Martinell, the hiking trails through the towns, farmhouses and castles in the region, the sausages from Pla de Manlleu and the wine from the wineries in the area.

Aiguamúrcia is a rural municipality made up of small towns and old farmhouses: Aiguamúrcia, Santes Creus, Les Pobles, Pla de Manlleu, Les Destres, Masbarrat, L'Albà, Les Ordes, Els Manantials, Mas d'en Parès and the deserted village of Selma.

In Aiguamúrcia, you have to see the cooperative winery, which had its centenary in 2019, whose building was designed by the Valls architect, Cèsar Martinell.

In Les Pobles, an agricultural town in the middle of beautiful scenery, go to the modern church of Santa Maria and the town café to have a chat with the people; there’s nothing so rewarding. Then go to the bakery for bread and other specialities made over an old wood-fired oven.

In Pla de Manlleu, you have to visit Sant Miquel; a small, beautiful Romanesque chapel and Cultural Asset of Local Interest. In the town there is a well-known bakery and sausage makers.

There is another modernist winery by Cèsar Martinell in Santes Creus, whose monastery is in the Aiguamúrcia district (check how to enter).

The municipality of Aiguamúrcia has 5 monuments declared as Cultural Assets of National Interest (BCIN): the Monastery of Santes Creus; the castles of Albà, Selma and Ramonet, and the Gothic cross located near the Santes Creus bridge.

There are also several wineries making very different wines in Aiguamúrcia, as the region is so large. Why not try them all and buy some.

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