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Cabra del Camp: The entrance to Alt Camp

Be sure not to miss: the 1919 cooperative winery, the work of Cèsar Martinell; the baroque church; Fontscaldetes, a charming uninhabited area, and the 10-metre high Mazinger Z statue that you will find in the Mas del Plata complex. You can continue your hike up to Cogulló or Cabdells, a mountain with windmills, with fantastic views of Alt Camp and Conca de Barberà.

Cabra del Camp is one of the oldest area in the region; dating from at least 980. The town is very aware of its agricultural roots, with the Sow, Reap and Beat festivals being held. In 1895, the Agricultural Society, formed by the working class and small property owners, was operating in the area when the Agricultural Union commissioned the winery and oil mill project from Cèsar Martinell in 1919. In 1929, the Union built its headquarters and the café, next to the winery. It currently houses a retirement home, the library, the doctor's office and the Uno de Octubre Assembly Hall.

Cabra has one of the most charming deserted villages in the territory: Fontscaldetes. Here, shortly after the monks reached the shores of the Gaià at the end of the 12th century, one of the first farms in the Santes Creus Monastery was founded. The old church was recently restored and you can also find a fresh water fountain.

The Mas del Plata complex has one of the most peculiar tourist attractions in the Camp de Tarragona and also one of the most photographed: Mazinger Z, a 10-metre high sculpture of the star of a famous manga series from the 1980s.

The municipality hosts one of the wineries with the most wine tourism in the region, with rooms for company conventions and other events.

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