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Picamoixons: Where olive oil is a tradition

Be sure not to miss: The brilliant Summer Festival, Ca l'Orga (currently the EMD or Town Hall headquarters) and the Trull de l'Oli. If you feel like walking, you can take the route to Fontscaldes and climb the Puig Cabré. When you finish, have a good meal in the restaurant there.

Someone called Picamoixons the Switzerland of the Alt Camp; it has mountains, rivers, attractive landscapes and a cluster of communication routes drawing its sculptural relief.

The railway line from Lleida to Reus and Tarragona passes through the iron bridge of Roixel.la (1860). The line was built in 1856/79 and connected with that of Barcelona-Lleida via Vilanova and Valls in 1883.

The Summer Festival is held on the first weekend of August in honour of Sant Salvador, patron saint of the town. During the celebrated festival, in addition to the different musical performances, theatre and other shows for all ages, the popular Sardinada takes place, which is held every year on the Sunday and attracts a large number of visitors. The Winter Festival, in honour of Sant Josep, is held around March 19 with musical and other performances.

In the town you have to visit Ca l'Orga, El Casal annex and the activities carried out in the surroundings, such as the l'Oil Interpretation Centre. The cooperative's oil mill works in the traditional manner, with stones and baskets. During the harvest, around November, you can visit El Trull and buy one of the few oils that are still traditionally made.

Picamoixons is an EMD, having some independence, under the municipality of Valls. The classic hiking activity is to climb the Puig Cabré tower from Picamoixons; while, as a short diversion, take a walk to where the living manger was made years ago.

A short distance from Picamoixons is a paleolithic site, which indicates that humans once settled there.

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