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Activity: Guided tour

Duration: 1 hour.

Route: Xiquets de Valls Monument, Plaça del Pati, Plaça del Blat and a casteller's gang headquarters.

Valls is considered the birthplace of castles by the whole castle world. Discover the origins and history of castles through the most emblematic spaces of the castle scene in Valls. You will get to know the Castilian values ​​turned into art by visiting the Monument to the Xiquets de Valls, a spectacular work by the Vallenc sculptor Josep Busquets i Òdena. You will pass through Plaça del Blat, where it all began: the zero kilometer of the Casteller world. And you will visit the premises of one of the Valls castle gangs where the values ​​"strength, balance, courage and sanity" come true. Optionally, at the end of the tour, you can have a tasting of typical products of the land.

Address: C/ de la Cort, 3 (43800)

Phone number: 977 61 25 30

E-mail: turisme@valls.cat

Web: https://www.valls.cat/llocs-interes-rutes

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