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Vinya Janine is a registered brand of bottled wines from a family company, which already at the beginning of the last century was dedicated to the commercialization of wine. Its products bear the seal of "produced, elaborated and bottled on the property". It is part of the collective brand "AC- Fet a l'Alt Camp". Vinya Janine organizes various activities related to the world of wine, as well as being part of the Cistercian Route. Apart from taking a conventional tour of the vineyards, you can also take an entire excursion visiting vineyards and places of interest by cart and horse, and finish with a tasting of our products.

Address: C/ Anselm Clavé, 1 (43812 - Rodonyà)

Phone number: 977 62 83 05 - 629 01 42 31

E-mail: vjanine@tinet.org

Web: http://www.vinyajanine.com

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